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Palo Alto College

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Palo Alto College
Type Community College
Established March, 1983
President Ruben Michael "Mike" Flores
Students 8,304
Location San Antonio, Texas, USA

Palo Alto College is a community college located in the San Antonio, Texas, USA area. It is a member of the Alamo Community College District.


Palo Alto College was first established by ACCD trustees on February 21, 1983 and chartered on March 19, 1983 - the official date of its founding.[citation needed] The college began with 231 students in high schools and military installations with administrative offices located at Billy Mitchell Village. As of 2007-2008, the college had 7,662 students enrolled. The college is set on nearly 126 acres (0.51 km2) of land. Palo Alto College has over 100 staff members and full-time faculty members. PAC’s original complex included 11 buildings and 26 classrooms.[1]


The new college attracted students from throughout Bexar County and adjoining counties. In 1991, Palo Alto College was named the fastest growing college.[citation needed] Consistent increases in enrollment have prompted physical growth, specifically through the construction of new facilities for added classroom space as well as sports and recreation. As a public comprehensive community college, Palo Alto College provides exemplary, accessible education and training to a diverse and aspiring community. The College educates, nurtures, and inspires students through a dynamic and supportive learning environment, which promotes the intellectual, cultural, economic, and social life of the community.[2]

Palo Alto College fulfills its function by offering the following:

  • General, transfer, and technical education;
  • Basic skills development and comprehensive literacy programs;
  • Continuing education and community outreach;
  • Student success and support programs;
  • Instructional technologies and distance education;
  • Library information resources; and
  • Institutional research, planning, development and evaluation.


The college also provides several programs in logistics and supply chain management education and training at the associate degree and certificate levels.[4] The college also offers the only aviation technology program in South Central Texas outside of a four-year school; though enrollment in that program had stalled to six students by 2007, the program had been revived to an enrollment of 198 by December 2013.[5]

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