Bank Street College of Education

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Bank Street College of Education

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Bank Street College of Education
Entrance to Bank Street College of Education in New York City
Established 1916
Type Private graduate school
President Dr. Elizabeth D. Dickey
Academic staff 125
Students 1,050
Location New York City, New York, United States
40°48'20?N 73°57'59?W? / ?40.80556°N 73.96639°W? / 40.80556; -73.96639Coordinates: 40°48'20?N 73°57'59?W? / ?40.80556°N 73.96639°W? / 40.80556; -73.96639

Bank Street College of Education is a private, nonprofit educational institution located in Manhattan, New York City. The College includes a Graduate School, an on-site independent School for Children, professional development and social programs, and partnerships with school districts, colleges, museums and cultural institutions, hospitals, community service organizations, and educational media corporations.


Bank Street Graduate School of Education is accredited by the Regents Accreditation of Teacher Education (RATE) and by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.[1] It holds membership in the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of the State of New York, the Council of Higher Education Institutions in New York City, the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, and the American Council on Education. Bank Street has also been accepted as a formal candidate for accreditation with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).[2]

Bank Street School for Children is accredited through the New York State Association of Independent Schools.[3]


Bank Street was founded in 1916 by Lucy Sprague Mitchell as the Bureau of Educational Experiments. (Mitchell was the first Dean of Women at the University of California, Berkeley). Its original focus was the study of child development and education, and in 1918 a nursery school was opened. This nursery school is the direct predecessor of today's School for Children. In the 1930s, Bank Street began to formally train teachers, the start of today's Bank Street College of Education.[4]

In 1965, Bank Street developed the Bank Street Readers line of books, which were unique because they featured racial diversity and urban people of contemporary culture. Also, in the 1960s, the Bank Street faculty played an important role in the creation of the federal Head Start program.

On a nationally known level Bank St created the educational TV series Voyage Of The Mimi in 1984 that gave Ben Affleck his start in film acting at the ripe old age of 9. A second series Second Voyage of the Mimi was done in 1988. Both aired on many PBS stations.

The college gets its name from its former location on Bank Street in Greenwich Village. It moved to its current location in the early 1970s.

Bank Street Today

On April 30, 2012, Bank Street President Elizabeth Dickey was appointed to serve on New York state's Education Reform Commission.[5]

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